is located in Boise Idaho but has worked with businesses all over the western US. We're here to promote your brand. Whether your looking to tell your story, promote a product or service, or have an idea you want to see come to life, look no further. 

    My passion for video production started when I was 13 making skits for the school production class. Even after school my friends and I would make short clips doing anything to get a laugh. I guess that's where my passion began, but my professional career started after college when I landed a job for The Travel Council. I would travel to the 7 surrounding states creating a promotional video for the area. The videos would include interviews with business owners and community leaders, recreational activities and scenic information. I did everything from writing scripts to shooting and editing, taking pictures for the magazine and creating graphics. I did this for 3 years and would of for much longer, but like most things it came to an end. So I took the next step in video/photography and worked for the local news for 2 years. There I learned the importance of recording quality audio and how to properly light a subject. I did everything from filming BSU games to interviewing presidential candidates, and editing reporter stories. I enjoyed my time there but missed creative freedom and Make Mark Media was born.

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